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Tom Izzo: Mike Krzyzewski Was My Nemesis in the Tourney

Photo: Streeter Lecka

Michigan State Head Coach, Tom Izzo joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show fresh off their loss to Duke in the 2nd round yesterday. He talks about his feelings facing Duke HC Mike Krzyzewski for the final time and the rivalry they’ve developed over the years. While he was aware it would be their last meeting, he wasn’t thinking about that during the game. And he shares his thoughts on the new rules being implemented in college hoops and how he handles this new generation of players.

Dan Patrick: “Were you aware of that number coach, that Coach K has ousted you five times in the tournament?”

Tom Izzo: “Yeah, I’m aware of all of those numbers Dan...”


Tom: “You don’t know any of the wins, but you know all the losses.”

Dan: “Conversation with Coach K; did you talk pregame or just postgame?”

Tom: “We talked pregame for a minute but nothing about anything that’s relevant, and then a little bit after, but maybe a little more in the hallway after the press conference. You got to respect what he’s done, and I appreciate what he’s done for basketball, definitely for Duke, but during the game it was all about wanting to win, and both guys wanting to win. And he did, for the fifth time...”


Tom: “As you remind me!”

Dan: “I know. I should’ve started with something more like, ‘Hey man that was a great coaching effort yesterday.’ Instead, I lead with a negative so, my bad.”

Tom: “Well we’re two-and-two in the last four so you could’ve led with that, but I don’t blame you. I said that’s been a nemesis for me that I haven’t been able to take care of, and now I won’t get that change again.”