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Urban Meyer’s Toxic Tenure in Jacksonville was Rooted in Arrogance

Photo: Andy Lyons

Chris Broussard: “Supposedly, he went off on another player so badly, he made them cry. That surprises me from the player’s standpoint. We’re grown men now, I would expect a player to fight back in that situation, and not let a coach walk all over him like that.”
Rob Parker: “I knew that there was trouble with Urban from the jump, just based on his first couple of moves as GM. Bringing in Tebow, a 35 year old former QB to play TE, bringing in a coach who had a pattern of racist behavior. It puzzles me that after so many former coaches who came from college football failed, Urban Meyer seemingly didn’t even try to alter that trend.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to The Athletic article by Mike Sando and Jayson Jenks, which detailed eye-opening details surrounding Urban Meyer’s polarizing tenure in Jacksonville. Meyer reportedly belittled players and coaches to the point of tears, had no knowledge of NFL stars like Aaron Donald and Deebo Samuel, and ruled with fear. Listen to Chris and Rob’s reaction to the wild article.