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Matt Ryan Did Pretty Well for Himself

Photo: Grant Halverson

Longtime Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan was traded to the Indianapolis Colts and Dan Patrick thinks he did well for himself in the transaction. He goes from a bottom-dwelling squad to one with Super Bowl aspirations. He’s got a better line, better weapons, better defense and, best of all, he gets to stay in a dome. It looks like he’s done pretty well for himself.

Dan Patrick: “I think Matt Ryan did pretty well! You go from a bad team, a tanking team, to a team that could win the Super Bowl. So you’re still in a dome, you got a good line, you got weapons, good running game, good defense, you’re going to like playing with Frank Reich, and you’re better than Carson Wentz. Now I know (the) AFC is stacked, there’s probably 10 great teams in the AFC right now, but Matt Ryan going there, got two years left on his contract, I think this is a great move!”