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Best Thing to Happen to Tua Tagovailoa Was Brian Flores Getting Fired

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins

Photo: Getty Images

Following the signing of top free agent OT Terron Armstead and before the trade for WR Tyreek Hill, 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe applaud the Dolphins for doing whatever they can to help Tua Tagovailoa succeed, something Brian Flores failed to do with his time in Miami.

Jonas Knox:  "The best thing for Tua's career was Brian Flores getting fired. Absolutely 100%, because they've identified that this is the exact approach, we're going to surround him with as much talent as we have, and we're going to see what we got. Because at least at the end of this year, at least you'll know. He's going to get a real shot and a real opportunity and they're going to do everything they can to try and make it work. And at least if it doesn't work, they can walk away and say hey, we gave it a shot. We gave it an honest try. We're not yanking him out of the lineup when he's trailing on the road his rookie year. It's not playing out in the media with a bunch of chaos surrounding him. So I think absolutely the best thing that happened to his career was Brian Flores getting fired."