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Pelicans Can’t Be Pleased by Zion Williamson’s Dunk Video

Photo: Tom Pennington

Pelican’s superstar Zion Williamson is currently not cleared to play, and isn’t expected to return this season, yet he posted a video of a spectacular dunk belying his medical status. And now that the Pelicans are vying for a spot in the playoffs, Dan wonders if we might actually see Zion on the court sometime soon. The answers are unclear, and Dan sees a little disconnect between Zion and the franchise and assumes the front office isn’t pleased by this turn of events.

Dan Patrick: “If I’m the Pelicans, I’m not pleased about this, because I don’t know what the upside is. And I don’t think a doctor goes, ‘Here’s your rehab, this is what we prescribe: how about you try to do a Vince Carter dunk. Yeah, go out there!’ OK, you had foot surgery, you’re rehabbing your foot, and then you’re out there dunking...I wouldn’t be pleased about this at all, because this feels like there’s a little disconnect between Zion and the franchise."