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Plaxico Burress Gives Insight on Davante Adams Choosing Las Vegas

Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Plaxico Burress: "When I left the Pittsburgh Steelers back in 2005, they offered me the same contract as the New York Giants. I did not want to leave Pittsburgh. Those were my brothers. I love my brothers, but at some point in your career, you have to be selfish. So I added myself to a puzzle in Pittsburgh, and I added myself to a puzzle in New York, and said to myself 'which situation makes sense?' In New York, I had who I thought was the best tight end in football alongside of me in Jeremy Shockey. So schematically, if you wanted to play us, you had to pick who you wanted to double team. Now, Davante Adams puts himself in that situation with Darren Waller. But if he goes back to Green Bay, he's still in the same predicament. He's going to be double teamed all game long, and no one will be able to help him out to get that double team off of him. That's what we saw in the playoffs."

Plaxico Burress provides perspective to Davante Adams' decision to leave Green Bay for Las Vegas, comparing the situation to when Plaxico chose to join the New York Giants after spending the beginning of his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, despite receiving equal offers from both teams.

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