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How Does Patrick Mahomes Feel About the Tyreek Hill Trade?

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears

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Thursday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn LaVar Arrington think there must be more to the Tyreek Hill trade, because why wouldn't Patrick Mahomes do everything he could to help the Chiefs keep his most dynamic weapon.

Brady Quinn: "My first reaction to it was, what's Patrick Mahomes thinking? I can't imagine that he was not in the know of what's going on, or there hadn't been discussions. If I was Tyreek Hill's quarterback, I would be rushing to the front office going, 'Okay, restructure my deal. I don't know how you need to get this done, but get this done. We need this guy.' .. It almost lends me to think that there's something more behind the scenes. Either something off the field, something in the locker room, something with Patrick Mahomes. There's something else going on."