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Juwan Howard: My Suspension Taught Me a Lot

Photo: Dylan Buell

Michigan Wolverines Men’s Head Basketball Coach Juwan Howard joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show prior to their matchup vs. the second seeded Villanova Wildcats. They talk about their preparation for tonight’s game and what he’s planning to say in his pregame speech. He directly addresses his suspension earlier this season and says he continues to grow from the experience. And they revisit Chris Webber’s fateful timeout call from his playing days and Juwan reminds us how much Webber has matured and what a tight-knit family they are at Michigan.

Dan Patrick: “What did you do when you were suspended?”

Juwan Howard: “Well for me, I did a lot of reflecting on how I can improve as a person, as a player; I’m sorry, excuse me, not player, as a coach. Sometimes you still think of yourself as a player because you played in so many high-pressure games, competitive games and pressure moments. With that, I did some counselling and will continue to keep going through counselling once the season is over on how I can help grow this team, and how I can be a better leader. I think during that time, I learned a lot, grew, and I’ve gotten stronger while doing it during that five-game absence.”