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Jay Wright is the Best Head Coach in the Final Four

Houston v Villanova

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Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, the Final Four is set with Duke vs North Carolina and Villanova vs Kansas. All Blue Bloods, but Brady Quinn makes the case for Jay Wright being the best head coach of the group.

Brady Quinn: "Jay Wright is the best head coach of that group... He's got two National Championships and has now put his team, once again with lesser talent than what he's playing against, in a position to win one."
Jonas Knox: "It's his third Final Four in the last six years. So basically, what you're saying is that Jay Wright is a better head coach than John Calipari?"
Brady Quinn: "They'll never get rid of John Calipari, but if I was Kentucky, that's the first call I make. I would I would literally do everything I can to go get Jay Wright to come over if Coach Calipari left."