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Rich Ohrnberger: "Tom Brady Changed A Lot Of Calls During The Game"

Tennessee Titans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Rich Ohrnberger: “The rift was caused between him and Bruce because Brady is a complete workaholic…and Bruce, as you know, has really trimmed his schedule down. That was part of his contract when he re-upped with the Buccaneers…it’s a job where if you’re not burning the midnight oil, you’re burning the next morning oil, and then some. That’s the way Tom Brady operated for two decades in New England…as for what I heard about issues with other members of the coaching staff, there were battles over the run game between him and Byron Leftwich. They disagreed on a lot of the play selection during the course of the game. Brady changed a lot of the calls that were coming in from the sidelines during the game.”

On this edition of The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, former NFL OL and Fox Sports Radio Weekends host Rich Ohrnberger stopped by to talk about Bruce Arians sudden retirement from coaching and why the coach’s relationship with Tom Brady may have played a major role in the decision!