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It Was Still a Successful Season for Duke

Photo: Jared Tilton

While many are reveling in watching Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski finish his career with a loss, Doug Gottlieb reminds us that winning isn’t everything. Duke had a fantastic season even considering the loss, and the legacy that Coach K has left behind is unrivaled in college sports. This program has been near or at the top of the mountain for so long that their fans, while most certainly disappointed, are consoled by their long-term success. You may not be able to win ‘em all, but Duke gets consistently closer than any other program.

Doug Gottlieb: “I think it’s really a...nasty fan thing to act like somehow that makes Duke some inferior story to the one that we would have had, had they won a championship...and if you think your words...should have an effect on how we look at the dynasty that was Duke basketball, it’s just kind of a sad snapshot of where you are mentally and emotionally.”