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Tiger Trying to Follow Ben Hogan’s Footsteps

Photo: Jamie Squire

As the sports world holds its collective breath waiting to see if Tiger Woods really can come back and compete at the Masters after his horrific car wreck last year, Dan Patrick reminds us that Ben Hogan was in a similar crash during his career and managed to win multiple major tournaments afterward. He survived broken bones and life threatening-injuries just like Tiger, made national headlines just like Tiger, and now Tiger is hoping he can be just like Ben.

Dan Patrick: “Before we say this is the greatest story ever; it’s a wonderful story, but know your history because Ben Hogan survived a car accident where he was hit by a Greyhound bus and nearly died but came back. And while he was limited, I think he only won 11 tournaments just because he didn’t enter as many tournaments because he wasn’t that healthy, he geared up for the majors. And he ended up winning I think 5 or 6 majors after suffering that accident.”