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If Tiger Wins, Vegas Takes a Bath

Photo: Jamie Squire

All eyes are on Augusta, Georgia as Tiger Woods is playing in the first round of the Masters. Opening Day of Major League Baseball is taking a back seat while we all wonder if Tiger can pull off what could only be considered the greatest comeback of all time if he were to win this weekend. Realistically his chances are extremely thin, but that hasn’t stopped bettors from pushing the odds closer to 40-1 at some sportsbooks. There is so much money on Tiger at such incredible odds that casinos will be sweating bullets if he is in contention on Sunday.

Dan Patrick: “You know, Vegas has some pressure here. If Tiger would happen to win, this would be a big, big hurt for the casinos. They’re looking at Tiger, realistically, as a 200-1 chance to win the Masters. Now he’s listed at 40-1 in some sports books, but one sportsbook says we look at this as about 200-1. And with Tiger, there’s so much sentiment on his side. Like, we want to see him make the cut; we want to see him in contention on Sunday. The reality, as somebody told me last night who’s there with the sport, didn’t want to be quoted; that they didn’t think Tiger had any chance of winning. And I said, but we’ve learned not to say you don’t have any chance...”