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Stars Like Curry Don't Want or Need LeBron

2022 NBA All-Star - Practice & Media Availability

Photo: Getty Images

Thursday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to Steph Curry side-stepping the possibility of playing with LeBron, who expressed his desire to play together.

Jonas Knox: "I think guys in the NBA are worn out by LeBron. He's a mercenary and I think guys in the NBA are starting to look around saying, 'Maybe I don't need him to further my career.'"
LaVar Arrington: "LeBron has been empowered so much by the NBA and he has become the person and personality that drives and influences the growth of the sport, that he's able to say and do and handle things the way that he wants to because of the importance that he brings to the table."
Brady Quinn: "If you're in Steph Curry's shoes or really any other star, why you would want to? You'd say yeah, that's flattering, but the reality is, I've had success against him winning, without him. So why would I even go into that train of thought? Because when he comes into town, it becomes his show, his team."