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LeBron Would Be 'Ripped to Shreds' If He Chased the Scoring Title Now

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker discuss the different standards LeBron James is held to and the hypothetical ramifications of LeBron chasing the NBA's scoring title in a season where his team won't make the playoffs or the play-in.

Chris Broussard: "The optics of LeBron...let's say he decided to play these two games and go for between 40 and 50 points in both games, I think he would get ripped to shreds. And I don't think that's fair because if Steph Curry were in the same position where the team is eliminated but he's having a great individual year as far as scoring the ball and Steph went for it and drops 47 in game 57 and 61 in game 58 to win the scoring title, I think people would be going bananas in a POSITIVE way. And I don't think that's fair. I think that goes not only for Steph, for Damian Lillard, just about anybody else you throw out there. And I don't think that's fair to LeBron James."
Rob Parker: "I do think it's fair because LeBron is held to a higher standard. Other players would be able to do it but it would be frowned upon if you're looking at a guy trying to say he's the greatest of all time or he's the GOAT. LeBron has different standards. Can we be honest? Michael Jordan has different standards. Certain things you expect from certain players and I think LeBron knows that."