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Harry Higgs: First Masters Appearance Was a Treat to Share with My Brother

Photo: Jamie Squire

PGA Tour veteran Harry Higgs and his caddie/brother Alex join Dan and the Danettes to let them in behind the curtain of their first Masters appearance. Big fans of the show, the Higgs brothers talk about Alex wearing a “Meat Friday” t-shirt under his coveralls and how the zipper “accidentally” slipped down to reveal his shirt to the entire country on national TV. They share their experience bumping into Tiger Woods on the putting green. But mostly, they express their respect and reverence for Augusta, their joy just being at the Masters together, and being able to include their father in the experience as well.

Dan Patrick: “How much fun do you have playing in the Masters? I mean, it looks like a lot of pressure on a very tough golf course and everybody’s watching. How much fun is it?”

Harry Higgs: “It’s a dream for both of us, really. And it’s so cool to share it with your brother, right? I mean, this is my third year on tour now, I’ve played eight some-odd years of professional golf and that was my first Masters. It’s the Mecca of golf. It’s the greatest tournament on the grandest stage, so it was really just a treat to share it with my brother...”