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Jason Smith: The Suns Will Roll Through Every Team and Win The NBA Title

Jason Smith: "I'm not gonna overthink it, the Suns will win the NBA Title. For what you want to say about the Grizzlies, the Warrior and whomever you think in the East - none of them are at the Suns level. The Suns with Chris Paul in and out of the lineup, it doesn't matter. Usually the best team in the NBA will have a player to take them to the promise land, and that man is Devin Booker. The Suns in 5, and the Suns are going to roll through everybody. It’s gonna be an explanation point on the season. The Phoenix Suns will win the NBA Title."

Jason Smith's believes the Phoenix Suns are going to win in 5, dominate everybody in their way and win the title this season.