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Jerry Manuel: Jackie Robinson Day Shouldn't Be Shared With Anyone Else

Jerry Manuel: "I think today is a day that kind of brought the nation together, and Jackie Robinson is iconic in that sense. And Tom Seaver is also iconic for the Mets fans, but I prefer each have their own day."
Rob Parker: "And speaking of Jackie Robinson - today is the 75 Anniversary of him stepping on the MLB Diamond. He changed this country completely. What does today mean for you?
Jerry Manuel: "It's a very huge day in the black culture, back in the day he was the pillar of our culture. When you're able to be validated by the highest level of baseball and break the color barrier. The things he did were huge for America and also for black America."

Former Mets Manager Jerry Manuel joined the Odd Couple with Rob Parker and Chris Broussard to talk about Jackie Robinson Day being shared with the Tom Seaver statue ceremony today.