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How Would You Grade Kevin Durant's Game 1 Performance Against the Celtics?

Photo: Maddie Meyer

CHRIS - "If I'm the Nets, our best player, was bad! That was the worst playoff game I've see him play in years! He didn't rebound - he only had 4. He didn't make any assists - he only had 3. He was terrible with the ball! I was like, 'Dude what are you doing?!'"
ROB - "He's much better than that!"
CHRIS - "We gave grades today and I'm gonna give him..."

On this episode of The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker grade out Kevin Durant's disappointing performance in game one against the Celtics in the NBA Playoffs. Will he continue to disappoint or will the NBA star shine again? All this and much more on FOX Sports Radio!