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The Phoenix Suns Are Locked In

The Phoenix Sun Are Locked In

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon fill-in for Dan Patrick and the crew today, and put a spotlight on the Phoenix Suns' chances to take home the NBA title. The guys zone-in on Devin Booker's MVP caliber season and how the Suns have, without a doubt, been the best team in the NBA this season.

Jason Smith: "Devin Booker, this is going to be his time. He will be the best player in the playoffs, and he is ready for the moment more than he was a year ago. The Suns are locked in. This is not a team that suffered any kind of hangover from last year after losing to the Bucks in the Finals... They've been great from the beginning. They will win, they will get to the Finals again, and win in a dominant style. The Suns don't really have any holes."
Mike Harmon: "Let's face it. We are all intrigued to watch this squad run. There was no possibility of a let down right? Because they heard all of the chatter about how lucky they were a year ago..."

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