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Chris Broussard: "The Phoenix Suns Need an Attitude Adjustment"

Today on The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker reacted to Devin Booker going down for the Phoenix Suns. Chris took it a step further though, because despite still having faith in Phoenix, the host claimed that the team needs an attitude adjustment, regardless of Booker's injury, because they are the 'hunted,' and being the hunted is a whole different animal when it comes to competition.

Chris Broussard: "I am very confident that the Suns with or without Booker will beat the Pelicans. But they need an attitude adjustment. The Suns have got to understand now, regardless of Devin Booker's situation, that they have transitioned, and are the hunted right now. That's a different animal when you are the hunted versus the hunter."

Listen to the audio above.