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Devin Booker's Injury Will Keep Phoenix Suns From Returning to NBA Finals

In the video above, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss what to make of Phoenix Suns superstar, Devin Booker's hamstring strain injury that will reportedly keep him sidelined for games 3 and 4 of the Suns' series with the New Orleans Pelicans. This news creates a grim reality for a Suns team that just lost game 2 of a series they were favored to win. With Booker's talents missing in action, Chris and Rob discuss if the number one team in the league can even make it out of the west with such a setback.

Chris Broussard: "If Devin Booker isn't able to play freely and at the top of his game, Suns won't win the west.
Rob Parker: "I got a better one for you. I don't think they'll win the west now. Even though it's not a serious injury, it's a lingering one that doesn't go away and doesn't get better in enough time for him to be great or up to his level...A half-baked Devin Booker is not good for the Suns."