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The Celtics Are Major Favorites But Don't Count Out The Nets!

Photo: Elsa

RJ Bell: If you think about the quality of these teams, Brooklyn outplayed Boston in game 2 for majority of the game. Again, Boston gets credit for the win, but there’s two ways to assess these teams moving forward. One is: What’s the mathematical reality of a series? And that is, now, Brooklyn has to win 4 of 5. That’s it, if they don’t they’re out. That’s the math. So Boston is in a much better spot. But, I don’t think you can upgrade Boston relative to Brooklyn even a half a point! Do you think so?
AJ Hoffman: No. Like we thought at the beginning of the series, I think these are very even teams. I still think that.

On today’s edition of “Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell,” RJ and AJ Hoffman give their opinion of Vegas adjusting the Celtics’ odds to win their series against the Nets at -400. A lot of pressure is hinged on Ben Simmons’ long awaited return to the court in game 4, and while Boston is up 2-0, the Vegas crew says Brooklyn outplayed Boston for majority of game 2 and shouldn’t be counted out the rest of the series!