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Niners Should Trade Deebo Samuel For a First Round Pick

NFL Pro Bowl

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On Friday's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington tell the Niners to go ahead and get what you can for Deebo Samuel now, because his trade value will never be higher and he may have already peaked in their system.

Jonas Knox: "His value is never going to be higher than what he did this past season and the fact that he's already concerned about his usage tells me that he understands the clock is ticking on his body. He's never played every single game of a season, so if you're the Niners and got an opportunity to get a first round pick in return... You gotta take the deal."
Brady Quinn: "Here's the reality: it's not a bad year to load up on picks and spend one of those on a wide receiver. This is a talented deep draft at wide receiver. Let someone else spend $20-25 million a year on him. 'We're gonna find 2-3 rookies, just like we did in you Deebo as a second round pick, and they're gonna come in and be an outstanding player in our system.'"