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2 Pros and a Cup of Joe Share Their Draft Week Experiences

NFL Draft 2000 Samuels

Photo: Getty Images

It's Draft Week so today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington share their personal experiences leading up to Draft Day. Brady talks about time shared with the family and friends who helped him get there, including a trainer who might have enjoyed the week too much. While LaVar shares an intimate man-to-man sit down he had with his father, which meant far more to LaVar than being selected by Washington 2nd overall.

LaVar Arrington: "That was a bigger moment than them calling my name at the Draft, was my dad finally acknowledging how proud he was of me... You see the good things but you just don't see everything that takes place on that journey to getting your name called. And and just for us to be able to kind of talk through things, that's easily the most memorable moment for me draft week. Me and my dad had the first man to man conversation that I had had in my life."