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Let the NFL Draft Games Begin!

Photo: Ronald Martinez

NFL Draft Week is finally here, and Dan is feeling a bit underwhelmed. No high profile QB’s to argue about and very little pre-draft drama might make for a disappointing night on Thursday, but that won’t stop agents and their minions from trying to use the media to improve their client’s prospects. Dan takes a moment to drop some tips on how to properly vet your draft information, and which compelling stories to keep an eye on as he digs into this year’s draft class. Call it a 2022 NFL Draft primer for your edification. 

Dan Patrick: “A lot of people have agendas, and a lot of people want to give you information, but they want to help out their client... You’re going to get a lot of that from agents, or people close to agents, sources close to; so it’s a game that’s played, and I’ve been used before.”