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Chris Broussard: Stop Saying Kevin Durant is the Best Player in the World

While the Brooklyn Nets were touted to overcome the Boston Celtics based on the star power of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, the Celtics' depth, coaching, youth, and overwhelming defense kept the Nets in their place as a 7th seed. Celtics send the Nets home in 4 games leaving many to discuss what to make of the pairing of Durant and Irving.

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker in the video above talk about the legacy of Kevin Durant after coming up so short and being pretty much shut down throughout the series. While both Parker and Broussard agree that this doesn't exactly hurt the legacy of Durant, it certainly changes how to perceive Durant as a player in today's game.

Chris Broussard concludes that it's time we stop touting Durant as 'Best in the World' at basketball at this very moment:

Chris Broussard: "The one thing I think is this changes the way we need to talk about Kevin Durant. He's a top 20 player but I do think his Super Man cape to a degree has been removed. Because there was this feeling of he's just absolutely unguardable. I said it myself. He's a 7-footer with a handle and a jumpshot. How in the world can you stop him? We saw Jayson Tatum stop him, we saw Grant Williams stop him. We saw physical defense stop him and actually shake him up. I think people need to stop saying he's the best player in the world."