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MLB Is Being Smart about Trevor Bauer’s Suspension

Photo: Rob Tringali

Doug Gottlieb and anchor Dan Beyer break the news that Major League Baseball has suspended Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer for two years in response to a well-publicized domestic violence allegation. While he was never actually charged, MLB is exerting its authority over his career by coming down harshly despite the lack of charges. Bauer has already posted a statement that he plans to fight this suspension, but MLB is probably doing the smart thing considering the backlash the NFL received for being too lenient with Ray Rice for his domestic violence indictment.

Doug Gottlieb: “Ray Rice being suspended for 2 games was the longest suspension for domestic violence in the history of the sport... This is baseball being the opposite and it’s really smart, right? We come out we’re extra strong, 2 years.”