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Doug Gottlieb Proposes a Solution to NIL Issues in College Sports

Photo: Justin Berl

Doug Gottlieb: "I'll give you a reasonable solution - you cannot get paid for name, image, and likeness until you have played a season for the university. Because you can't tell me that your name, image, and likeness has value, when it doesn't, until you've played for the university. That's reasonable, right? Well, how do you stop guys from abusing the transfer portal, because they are tied together? Simple, you reinstitute the rule where if you transfer, you have to sit out for a year. It doesn't hurt anybody. All it does is delay your NIL deal, and helps you assimilate to the culture and coaching staff of the new school. I didn't cap what you can make. I didn't cap how long you can stay. You can transfer multiple times, I don't care. 2 rules - can't make money until you've played a season, and you have to sit a year if you transfer."

Doug Gottlieb dives into the growing landscape of NIL deals in college sports and proposes a solution that may alleviate the potential growth of disparity between the haves and have-nots across the nation.