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Jimmy Garoppolo is Right to Look Out For Himself, Not the Niners

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys

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On Tuesday's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington have no issues with Jimmy Garoppolo getting shoulder surgery on his own timetable, instead of trying to accommodate the Niners who are looking to get the most they can in a trade.

Jonas Knox: "I'm with Jimmy Garoppolo on this. They have flirted with other quarterbacks. They've moved up in the draft to take other quarterbacks. He's kept his mouth shut the entire time and if he decides he wants to have surgery after the season when he wants to have it, tough balls. He's not on their timeline. So, either he's going to be on their roster and he's going to make $24 25 million next year, or he's going to be somewhere else competing for a starting job. I'm with Jimmy G."
Brady Quinn: "The other thing is, the situations are much more clear now, that are out there and available, than they would have been before the draft. Because you never know if one of these teams would have drafted a guy to eventually try to compete or replace, so at least he knows the situation he's going into as well. So, I have no issues whatsoever with how he handled this, because he did what's in his best interest, as you've seen San Francisco 49ers do what's in their best interest."
LaVar Arrington: "Jimmy G did his job well enough for them to make it to the Super Bowl. Jimmy G has always done his job well enough for them to win games. I don't even feel like the alternative makes any sense at all. Like what, don't address your own personal health for the better good of this team? Like please, you got me messed up."