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NBA Analysts Owe Ben Simmons An Apology

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Rob Parker: “Shaquille O’Neal said it was a punk move. Reggie Miller kind of attacked him and Chris Broussard was critical of him as well. The reason I didn’t attack him is because you don’t know whether someone’s hurt or not! You cannot medically evaluate anybody from your damn couch! Everybody shredded (Ben Simmons) and now he’s having surgery.”

Today on The Odd Couple, Rob Parker and Ryan Hollins filling in for Chris Broussard discuss the breaking news of Nets superstar Ben Simmons needing to undergo surgery for a herniated disk in his back. Parker thinks NBA analysts like Shaquille O’Neal and Reggie Miller were too critical of Simmons and says while Simmons might give you a bunch of reasons not to like him, you can’t medically evaluate anybody from your couch and deserves and apology!