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Ryan Tannehill Should Embrace Competition with Malik Willis

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens

Photo: Getty Images

Titans QB Ryan Tannehill says it's not his job to mentor rookie QB Malik Willis, but 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe explains why the veteran should embrace the competition, rather than shy away from it.

Brady Quinn: "The truth of the matter is follow the money. They're not going to replace Ryan Tannehill this year, he makes way too much and would be way too big of a dead cap."
LaVar Arrington: "When you see a statement like this, now you have to be weighing what is the development of Malik Willis going to be, and how do you prepare him to be as successful as you possibly can, knowing that you're not going to get that that veteran guidance or assistance."
Brady Quinn: "You want to feel that challenge. If you're Ryan Tannehill like this could create a spark for him. If Malik Willis is going out there and challenging him every day, you're gonna get the best out of Ryan Tannehill, or at least he's going to be pushed to play and perform at his best."
Jonas Knox: "Dude, he's a young player in the league. You were given an opportunity to revitalize your career in Tennessee. They opened up to you and said hey, if you can beat out Marcus Mariota for the job, the job is yours. The idea that he's not willing to play by these rules at this point in his career, like there's probably a little bit of an insecurity there."