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Kyrie Irving is the Perfect Gen Z Basketball Player

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Doug Gottlieb: "Kyrie Irving thinks of himself as a martyr. He is the perfect Gen Z basketball player. He's playing the victim. He knows exactly what he's doing, exactly who he is playing to, and it's very easy to point fingers that way, when the fingers should be pointed inward, not outward. Playing the martyr is not a good look for a professional athlete. You can be a martyr, but you can't call yourself a martyr, and you definitely cannot arrange your life so that you appear to be more of a martyr than you actually are."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to Kyrie Irving calling himself a "martyr." Doug explains why Irving is succumbing to martyr syndrome and is playing the victim. Doug rips into Irving for simply riding coattails to get his way in a desperate attempt to appear as a martyr to his fans.