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RJ Bell: "It Feels Like the 76ers Are Going Down Without a Fight"

76ers Are Going Down Without a Fight

Photo: Getty Images North America

Today on Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell, RJ and AJ Hoffman react to some NBA Playoff optics, specifically the lack of fight the 76ers seem to have in their playoff series against the Miami Heat. According to RJ, Doc Rivers and James Harden have thrown in the towel essentially. With Joel Embiid's return still up in the air, the team is just trying not to be completely embarrassed by their opponent.

RJ Bell: "Would you agree that in general, it feels like the 76ers, specifically James Harden and Doc, are going down without much of a fight? Without trying very much. It feels like they are trying hard in a way that gives them little chance of winning, but decreases the chance of them being embarrassed. An embarrassment is what would lead to financial consequences... As much as there was different points in these first two games where the Heat and Sixers were close, it felt like the Heat were in control the whole time..."

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