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Rob Parker: "Luka Doncic's Offense Doesn't Equate to Winning"

Rob Parker: "Luka Dončić Won't Win You a Championship"

Photo: Getty Images North America

On The Odd Couple, Rob Parker and Andy Furman (filling in for Chris Broussard) put Luka Doncic's offensive firepower and lack of defense under a microscope. Rob is adamant that Doncic is not worth it for the Dallas Mavericks if the star point guard continually chooses to not play adequate defense, especially in the playoffs.

Rob Parker: "The Suns abused Luka Doncic. The Mavericks need more from Luka defensively. It's not good enough to score 35 points, but give up 34 points in the second half. It doesn't equate to winning. They got blown out and lost by 20 points. And you know what, Andy? If you lose by 1 or by 20, you lost! My point is, the Mavericks won't win anything when they take advantage of him like that. Andy, his performance last night and $2.50 will get you on the New York City subway, that's it..."

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