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Straight Outta Vegas’ Betting Guide to the 2022 Kentucky Derby

Photo: Andy Lyons

With the Kentucky Derby being this Saturday, RJ Bell and the Straight Outta Vegas crew bring you their full betting guide to the event. Longtime friend of AJ Hoffman and horse racing expert Fred Faour offers his advice on which horse he believes gives you the best chance to win some money.

Fred Faour: “I really like Taiba (the 12 horse) at 12-1, although I’m a little worried the bandwagon for him might becoming a bit too packed. 8-1 would be the lowest I would want to bet on a horse like him. He reminds me a lot of Justified, who won the Triple Crown.”
AJ Hoffman: “Just a note on Taiba, this was a Bob Bafford horse that he passed off due to his ban.”
RJ Bell: “So here’s how we’ll bet this: the 12 (Taiba) is the key horse. What we’ll do is put four horses beneath him on the exacta, which means you’ll pick the first and the second. Then we’ll flip it, have the four horses on top, and the 12 second. So if the 12 gets first or second, and one of the other four gets the other spot, you win. Plus, it’ll only be an $8 dollar bet. Now it is a pari-mutuel, so you don’t lock it in. It’s just whatever the odds are when the race goes.”