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Ryan Tannehill is No Leader if He Refuses to Mentor Malik Willis

Photo: Andy Lyons

Plaxico Burress: "It's whack. 100%. It's straight up whack. To me, what Ryan Tannehill said is disgusting. You're supposed to be the leader of this team and the leader of this organization. How can you be a leader if you're not willing to mentor? In Pittsburgh, Courtney Hawkins took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew about the game, even though I was there to replace him. That's what they call being a professional. I think it's terrible that we have guys in the league who are not willing to teach the young guys coming in right now. You want to call yourself a leader but you don't want to mentor. How could you say that? I'm blown away."
TJ Houshmandzadeh: "Ryan Tannehill, I get where you're coming from. You feel threatened. But, if you feel like you are who you think you are, there is no rookie quarterback that is going to beat you out. It is not his job to mentor Malik Willis, but it is his duty and responsibility to help the players that are coming after him. I would rather he had said 'I will help him as much as I can, whatever he needs I will be there for him.' Just say that publicly, even if you don't mean it. Because now, you've created an uneasiness in the locker room. Malik Willis now feels deep down that you don't want the best for him."

TJ Houshmandzadeh and Plaxico Burress rip Titans QB Ryan Tannehill for saying he will not mentor rookie QB Malik Willis. The guys discuss the importance that mentors had in their early career development, and TJ breaks down why Tannehill's comments can cause an unnecessary divide within the organization.