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NBA Players Have Hit Their Limit with Fans

NBA Players Have Hit Their Limit with Fans

Photo: Getty Images North America

Today on The Doug Gottlieb Show, Doug put the action on and off the court in game 4 between the Suns and Mavericks under a microscope.

Doug Gottlieb: "Everyone has a limit, even NBA players. I am a realist, and understand that some of it is fans just being out of line. But a good portion of it is, these guys are just way too sensitive... It's all fun and games until someone loses their cool. I don't think it's acceptable to 'MF' people, especially in the NBA because of the proximity to the court and you can hear people. But these guys reacting and overreacting, that part is a consistent thing we've seen with this generation of NBA players, and at some point, they're going to get the opposite of what they want in terms of fans showing up and supporting you..."

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