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Players Lack the Objectivity Necessary to Handle Voting for NBA Awards

In the video above, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Nikola Jokic winning the NBA's MVP award. The decision has been highly debatable, somewhat fueled by the fact that some of the other top vote-getters are still in the playoffs while the winner is currently at home and eliminated from contention. This result has drawn many to question how this award is decided and rip the panel that's mostly made up of members of the media.

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker maintain that the media is the right fit to vote because they are the most objective. They cite moments when players squandered the opportunity in the same position.

Chris Broussard: "We can stack up the voting between media members and players and see which one you like better."

Rob Parker: "And you would be embarrassed to see what the voting is coming from players because they're biased. It's a popularity contest. They don't like people. Leave it to the writers. You may not be happy with it but the writers do a better job. We don't have a horse in the race."