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The Next Coach for the Lakers Will Need to Command Respect

The Next Lakers Coach Will Need to Command Respect

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Today on The Dan Patrick Show, Doug Gottlieb and Ryan Hollins filled in for the crew, and discussed the coaching void in Los Angeles as the Lakers look for Frank Vogel's replacement. There have been several names swirling around in the media, but the guys zone in on Mark Jackson and discuss if he has the ability to wrangle the personalities in the purple and gold's locker room, and ultimately command the respect that Frank Vogel couldn't hold on to towards the end of his tenure.

Ryan Hollins: "When I see Mark Jackson's name as a hire, and clearly this would be someone that LeBron James would like, I think it is a no-brainer for the Lakers. With those three personalities in the locker room, the only thing that Frank Vogel did wrong, is not be on the same page with his guys. The NBA is a player's league, so it comes down to respect... Mark Jackson commands respect. When you have Anthony Davis, LeBron James, and Russell Westbrook, you got to get on the same page with those guys, and Jackson has that ability..."
Doug Gottlieb: "I understand the respect factor. I don't think Mark Jackson is going to be the coach of the Lakers. I think that the association with Klutch helps and hurts him. It helps get in the conversation, but I'm pretty sure there is enough people in the Lakers front office that are like, 'We're not going to have both of our best players and our coach all be represented by one agency, and were the ones who wanted us to go get Russell Westbrook which has been an abject disaster to begin with...' I don't see it happening..."

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