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Brady Quinn Remembers Romeo Crennel Keeping Him From Walking at Graduation

UCLA v Notre Dame

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On Tuesday's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington applaud Washington Commanders Head Coach Ron Rivera for telling their first-round pick, Jahan Dotson to skip Saturday's rookie minicamp in order to walk at his graduation from Penn State. Brady goes on to recount how he was kept from walking at his graduation from Notre Dame and promises to skip the show when he gets his MBA.

Brady Quinn: "When I was a rookie, I couldn't go walk at my graduation because Romeo Crennel didn't let me. I was the only quarterback, so I don't think they would have had a rookie minicamp had not been there for it, so there was that element to it. But I'll be I'll be honest with you, I was pretty bummed. It meant a lot to me to graduate from Notre Dame...
This is such a neat story to me because it bucks the trend of a lot of head coaches in the NFL. I've always been a huge Ron Rivera fan, just from the time of him transitioning to become a head coach, the job he's done, and how he always does things the right way. Like, he always understands the bigger picture...
I'll say this much: I will take the day off from this show the day I get to walk for my MBA, because I'm not going to miss the second time around. I know that much."
Jonas Knox: "Can you at least call in while you're in line?"
Brady Quinn: "Yeah, I'll definitely call in. Do a FaceTime, or selfie or whatever."
Jonas Knox: "I think that would work for everybody involved."