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Is Ja Morant‘s Career Heading Down the Same Path as Derrick Rose’s?

Chris Broussard: “When you look at Derrick Rose and Ja Morant, two guys who are extremely gifted athletically. They both have a high-flying playing style with speed and elevation. But, it’s almost like a pitcher who is consistently throwing 100+ mph each pitch. There’s going to be wear and tear to the point where you’ll eventually have to cut back to an extent.  Can Ja Morant’s body consistently take that over the course of a career? I certainly hope it doesn’t become an issue because I believe he could become the face of the league in the future”
Rob Parker: “You just hate to see these young guys who are the future of the league be derailed by these injuries. When you’re young, you’re fearless and feel like you can do anything. You don’t want to tell anyone to pull back, and they shouldn’t pull back. But you think of a player like Zion Williamsoon, who has been injured to the point where we just haven’t been able to get a good sample size to see how great he could potentially be.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the breaking news of Grizzlies G Ja Morant being doubtful for the remainder of the playoffs. Although Ja has been off to a fantastic start to his career, he has missed a lot of time due to injuries. Chris and Rob debate if whether or not he could be the new Derrick Rose, because of their play-style similarities and injury problems.