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Ja Morant Injury Further Validates 2022 NBA Season Being One of the Worst

In the video above, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to reports that Memphis Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant will likely be out for the remainder of the NBA Playoffs due to a bone bruise on his knee he suffered in the team's NBA playoff series against the Golden State Warriors. Rob Parker makes the point that his further provides evidence that the 2021-22 NBA Season might be one of the worst seasons in recent memory.

Rob Parker: "This is just another example of this season being one of the worst I could remember. We've had the same situation continue in the post-season. I just can't get over how incredible it has been to me. Both the regular season and the playoffs and we're talking about STARS! It's depressing from that standpoint. I know it's 3-1 now but I want to see Memphis at full strength!"