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The Lakers Are Completely Oblivious to the Train Wreck They’ve Created

Photo: Ezra Shaw

Jason Smith: “The Lakers are the worst kind of train wreck because they think they’re good, but they’re really not. There’s no self-awareness. Jeanie Buss’ latest interview with the LA Times revealed that she’s getting advice from people like Phil Jackson, Magic Johnson and LeBron James, and asking them about hard decisions, and the Lakers don’t think there’s anything wrong with this. But this is bad. They’re trying to fix the team by consulting the best player, a former coach who is semi-back, and a person whose involvement with the team seemingly flip flops overnight. All this tells me is that they don’t have any idea what they’re doing. They got lucky a few a years ago, but now the dysfunction is out in the open.”
Mike Harmon: “We talk about the value and how cool it is to have a ‘family business,’ but in doing that, you’re insulated. You only see from within, but close yourself off from other factors that could be helpful in the long-run. If you keep the same people around, you’re going to be getting the same results and which is exactly what’s happening.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke’s exclusive interview with Jeanie Buss. Based on the interview, Jason and Mike believe the Lakers are oblivious to their obvious problems, and need to shy away from consulting the same people that bring lackluster results.