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Tom Brady Has Completely Rehabilitated His Public Image

Photo: Elsa

Doug Gottlieb: "Has anybody gone back and thought about how being beloved wasn't always the case for Tom Brady? Think about it. You had Deflategate. Deflategate wasn't 10 years ago. Tom Brady had the Deflategate suspension to start the 2016 season. At that point in time, even after they won yet another Super Bowl, Tom Brady was not beloved, he was hated. Remember, Tom Brady had a MAGA hat, which at the time, set a lot of people off. Tom Brady was seen as a cheater for Deflategate, for destroying his phone. People didn't like Tom Brady 4 or 5 years ago, but then he leaves New England and goes to Tampa, a disappointing franchise for so many years. It's not like he went to a favorite, it's not like KD joining the Warriors. This is like KD joining the Sacramento Kings. And then leading them to a Super Bowl. Tom Brady has become a loveable dude. I almost feel robbed of the first 15 years of Tom Brady because he was in New England, but Tom Brady wasn't this dude. You want to talk about image rehab? You want to talk about public perception doing a 180? I give you Thomas Patrick Edward Brady II. That guy was hated 10 years ago. And now he's beloved, and he's going to be the highest paid broadcaster. And my guess is, if Tampa Bay loses this year before the Super Bowl, you're going to have Tom Brady on the call of said Super Bowl."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the news of Tom Brady signing a gigantic deal to become the leading NFL analyst for FOX after his playing career ends. Doug looks back on how widely hated Brady was during the latter half of his tenure in New England, and breaks down how all of his career moves since arriving in Tampa Bay have transformed his public perception from hated to beloved.