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Basketball is Kyrie Irving's Necessary Evil

Basketball is Kyrie Irving's Necessary Evil

Photo: Getty Images North America

Tonight on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, the guys analyze comments made by the General Manager of the Brooklyn Nets, Sean Marks. When asked about Kyrie Irving's future, the executive essentially said the Nets need someone who is all-in, and Jason Smith does not believe Kyrie has what it takes to satisfy those needs in Brooklyn.

Jason Smith: "The Nets want Kyrie to be available. They want guys who are going to come in and be part of something bigger than themselves. Play selfless. Play team basketball, and yes, be available. None of those things is what Kyrie Irving is, and he is not going to change. This is not somebody who is going to take this offseason to take stock of his career and go, 'Ok, I need to do things a little bit differently.' No, you're going to get the same Kyrie Irving..."

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