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Joel Embiid Belongs in a Different Era

Photo: Michael Reaves

76ers center Joel Embiid is getting raked over the coals after his squad got obliterated by the Heat last night in game 5 of their first round series but Doug Gottlieb thinks his critics have it all wrong. While they are blaming the MVP controversy or his injury, Doug thinks the answer is much simpler than all that; he thinks it just isn’t possible to win an NBA championship relying solely on a dominant center in today’s NBA.

Doug Gottlieb: “Instead of getting caught up in the weeds of is he distracted, is it the broken orbital bone, was he just playing soft, is he injured; I think we get too far away from the whole idea that the NBA has changed. It just has. And we might be to the place where you can’t win with a dominant big guy. You just can’t.”