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Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss Continues to be Confident in the Wrong People

Rob Parker: "When you look at the Lakers, sometimes you have a front office problem and a coaching problem. This was a front office problem. The team wasn't well constructed so I disagree with her."
Chris Broussard: "Jeanie Buss' incredible confidence in Rob Pelinka has not been earned. Let's just keep it real. Pelinka had nothing to do with LeBron going there. LeBron and Rich Paul got Anthony Davis. Everybody wants to blame LeBron for the Westbrook deal, you can blame him also for AD. That wasn't Rob Pelinka getting AD to the Lakers...Pelinka didn't build that championship team. He built that team last year. If you wanna blame LeBron for Westbrook, fine. But the extreme confidence is just not warranted."

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to what was revealed when LA Times writer Bill Plaschke interviewed LA Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss. Jeanie Buss said the following about her motivations for improving the Lakers:

“I’m growing impatient just because we had the fourth-highest payroll in the league. … When you spend that kind of money on the luxury tax, you expect to go deep into the playoffs,” she told The Times. “So, yeah, it was gut-wrenching for me to go out on a limb like that and not get the results that we were looking for. … I’m not happy, I’m not satisfied.”

Buss also said the following about the NBA Front office:

“In terms of basketball decisions, I have complete confidence in our front office, which is headed by Rob Pelinka,” she said. “He is a person that is extremely smart, extremely strategic, everything he does is thoughtful and with purpose...I have complete confidence that he can put together a roster and find a coach that is going to get us back to where we belong.”