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Mike Brey Delivers the Brutal Truth About NIL

Virginia v Notre Dame

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Wednesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to Notre Dame Basketball Coach Mike Brey telling other coaches to "shut up and adjust" to the new landscape in college athletics when it comes to NIL.

Jonas Knox: "There's a lot of truth to that right? At some point, this is it and you just got to deal with what you're working with."
Brady Quinn: "9-0. That was the Supreme Court decision on the Alston case. I can't say this enough to people. For those frustrated by Name, Image and Likeness, for those who think that it's going to go away, or the federal government or the NCAA is going to step in and it's going to go away, it's not. It is here to stay."
LaVar Arrington: "Instead of just continuing to say, 'This is a problem. How are we going to do it? How are we going to figure it out?' Start assisting the student athlete on how to move from here."