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Tom Brady Goes From GOAT to Golden Goose

Super Bowl LV

Photo: Getty Images

Wednesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington applaud FOX for landing a deal with Tom Brady to become the Lead NFL Analyst, and they push back on all the critics who think he's being overpaid.

Brady Quinn: "If you really look at what FOX spends on the NFL per year, I believe the ballpark figure is $1.13 billion. $37.5 million isn't that much for your number one analyst, for your quarterback. That's 3% of what you're already spending on the rights to the NFL. And so when you really look at it, is that too much?"
LaVar Arrington: "Name one company that would not want to bid on being a part of whatever it is that's connected to Tom Brady, with Fox. If you're bringing that to the table, you're a golden goose. Tom Brady is not a goat. He's a goose and he's laying golden eggs... It's a no brainer, but also he's earned the right to command that type of attention, those type of dollars and that type of opportunity."
Jonas Knox: "This works and it's going to work for two reasons. Number one, because of the intrigue factor. I want to see it and it's not going to be one of these, I gave him a first half or I gave him one game and then I'm out. No, I want to see how this develops. Also, it's Tom Brady. I don't see him failing at a lot. I don't see him putting his name on something or committing to something just because it's a money grab. He doesn't need the money. I think he's gonna put the effort in. I think he's gonna figure out how to get better at this whole thing and if it's a 10 year deal, he's probably going to improve light years. I just don't see how this fails, either from a business standpoint or just from his broadcasting standpoint. I think he's gonna be fantastic."